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Product recommendation: fine stone concrete pump, wet spraying machine, good quality choose Qingke Heavy Industry

Qingke Heavy Industry Agitator Trailer Pump and Wet Spraying Machine Have 6 Advantages

6 advantages of wet sprayer, stirring pump, fine stone pump

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Qingdao Qingke Heavy Industry is mainly engaged in fine stone pumps, wet spraying machines, and agitator pumps, which focus on quality and reputation.


1. Within the time stipulated in the contract, promptly send personnel to guide the installation and commissioning; 2. Within one year after the delivery of the goods, free repairs will be given due to product manufacturing quality problems; 3. Free operation and maintenance personnel training for users; . Provide lifelong paid repair service and spare parts supply for the products sold;

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Qingdao Qingke Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of large-scale construction engineering machinery and equipment. The company is people-oriented, technology-based enterprises, and recruits high-level scientific and technological personnel. Technological and scientific strict testing methods make our company's (D) HBT series concrete conveying pump, (D) XBS series fine stone concrete conveying pump, PJB series shotcrete pump, KOS sludge pump, SLJ feeder, JZC JS series concrete mixer and other products have more reliable performance, and are well-received by the masses ... [ More Details ]

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Do you know the reasons for the abnormal temperature of the concrete pump engine?

Some small concrete conveying pumps may appear to be overheated for a while before they are operated. If they are not handled in a timely manner, problems with the small concrete conveying pumps may occur. So what are the reasons for the abnormal temperature of the concrete pump engine during the construction process? There are several reasons for the abnormal temperature of the concrete pump engine: 1. Cooling system problems During construction, the cooling system is leaking or the cooling water is insufficient. Perhaps the cooling system has too much scale and the cooling effect is poor, which are the reasons for the high temperature of the pump truck engine. . 2. During the faulty operation of the water temperature meter, inaccurate or faulty indications of the water temperature gauge will also cause the engine temperature to be too high, such as the indication of the water temperature gauge being too high, and the shape of the [... view details ]

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